Modulo Player


Modulo Player

Modulo Player is a video media Server. Easy to learn and reliable, Modulo Player provides an intuitive and user friendly interface to make use of the most advanced features to modify, manage and playback your projects in real time.

Modulo Player has a wide range of applications and suits perfectly permanent installations and events for shows, museums, outdoor video projections, exhibits, theme Parks… and for live events such as theatre, concert, opera, dance, corporate events, etc.


Modulo Player is a video media Server. The core engine is built from scratch with the latest technologies in video projection and is the result of 15 years of experience and feedback in video projection software designing. Thanks to a modern and user friendly interface, Modulo Player allows you to easily manage the most complex shows.

The Remote control software is easy to install on your notebook (Mac/PC) and tablet (Coming Soon). The interface is made of relevant pages allowing you to manage your project readily even if you are an occasional user.

Thanks to an innovative and unique advanced warping and soft edge feature called X-map, Modulo Player helps you perform high quality shows and modulate your show according to your tastes. It enables you to directly import a Photoshop files in order to split your warping into multiple layers. Then you can apply modifications on each X-Map such as advanced warping, soft-edging, color adjustment and mask.


Modulo Player is also able to play up to 4K H.264 movies synchronized across multiple computers.

The Modulo U Version allows you to playback high quality uncompressed still TGA sequence and to ensure the best user experience.

We particularly pay attention to the robustness of our products. Using an embedded Windows 7, Modulo Player is designed to be more robust in case of power failure which makes it especially reliable.

Modulo Player includes the software and a powerful hardware, performance-optimized for your shows.



The Remote control software is easy to install on your notebook (Mac/PC). The interface is made of relevant pages allowing you to manage your project readily even if you are an occasional user.

Create infinite number of Playlists. Create Cues, parametrize each layer.

You can launch Cues manually or program them to be launched automatically. You can equally launch tasks synchronized with the Cue launch.

Easy Setup

Easy to use, Modulo Player Remote application allows you to Setup your Server’s outputs in one click. Force EDID to your Outputs, save incoming EDID of your displays. Once your resolution set, you can work with an extended desktop (Eyefinity) for more than one outputs.


In the Hardware panel of the Remote application you can find all necessary information concerning your server’s System, directories, FAN speed, temperatures, CPU and RAM usage as well as graphics card driver and BIOS version.

You can modify directly via the Remote the Modulo Server’s IP address.

You can lock/ unlock your Server’s OS.


Outputs Warp Tools

deformationWarp your Outputs easily in Keystone or Curve. Use a variety of tools. Several users can access simultaneously in warping complex surfaces.

From the list of Test patterns available, select Softedge (or Small Softedge) to calibrate overlapping between projectors

The X-MAP function when activated allows you to work with masks: create your own masks and shapes using Photoshop, and import your .psd template to warp each shape independently.



4kYou can play audio embedded with your video or uncompressed audio (aiff, wav). Modulo Player allows you to play multichannel audio (ASIO).

You can affect each audio channel and assign it to one or several outputs in order to control audio rendering in the finest way.


Modulo Player can play smoothly up to 4K H.264 sequences. It also supports MPEG2 files up to 4K.
Modulo Player supports HAP, HAP Alpha and HAP Q to allow very big resolutions with low CPU overhead. Modulo Player can handle most common still-image file formats such as .png, .jpg and .tiff files

As an option, you can playback uncompressed TGA still image sequences to ensure a perfect quality and the best user experience

You can arrange your media in folders.

Low Latency Live Capture

Combined to a specific capture card HDSDI or HDMI/DVI, Modulo Player enables you to add live capture with low latency in your events.


Auto detect your inputs, force EDID on HDMI card directly from the Modulo Player Remote.

A monitoring tab on the Modulo Player Remote allows you to arrange all your inputs in a mosaic, and diffuse them live from the Server, in a separated Monitoring display.

Device Show Control

Although Modulo Player can work in pairs perfectly with an external show Control, it includes an embedded one.

This way you can specify automation of tasks related to the projectors, monitors, servers, auto start, etc… directly in Modulo Player.

Modulo Player allows you to control a large number of devices: projectors, Video Controller, matrix switcher, GPIO, power switcher.

You can easily monitor the status of your Projectors.

Modulo Player supports the following protocols (non exhaustive list):
Pilotage devices

  • Dmx Art-net
  • Midi
  • OSC
  • LTC Timecode
  • MTC Timecodet
  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • UDP, Serial …

Task Show Control

Create tasks to manually control you show. Tasks allow you to automate actions.

You can launch tasks automatically via the Player interface, by using a midi device or by enabling other devices as triggers.


Launch tasks manually or integrate them to Cues in Playlists.

You can also launch tasks from your Android tablet or iPad, using the Modulo Panel application.


Control parameters of media in a Playlist or X-Map from the DigiMap panel.

Add a device as trigger (such as OSC, Rotary IP, midi, etc) and patch parameters such as position, opacity, etc. to control interactively the layers.


Select an action and calibrate the patch.

This way you can create your own patches, to add interactivity or automations to your show.

User Interface

Create your own user panel. Deploy your interfaces on Mac / PC / Android / iOS!


You can create as many custom user interfaces as you want. You can protect user login with a password.

Drag & drop your tasks, add buttons, text, image, web page…

Drag & drop your devices in the interface panel to control and monitor them.



Modulo Player has a wide range of applications and match perfectly your needs for:

  • Permanent outdoor installations: reliable system, robust software, powered-optimized hardware.
  • Theme Parks, Permanent Shows: schedule boot via Bios, wake up on LAN, perfectly synchronous multi-server launch.
  • Touring concerts, Musicals: DMX control via Art-Net, Led Mapping, Timecode, Midi triggers, 2D panel tracking…
  • Corporate Events: Intuitive multi-playlists, low latency live capture, fast mapping tools…
  • Contemporary Art Exhibits: Uncompressed TGA for unmatched quality, easy to use, fast warping correction.


reliabilityModulo Player is build on top of the powerful and stable Modulo Core Engine already available since years.

We work closely with some key hardware manufacturers (graphics cards, live capture cards) and we benefit a direct support from the driver developers.

Using an embedded Windows Seven X64, Modulo Player is designed to highly resist in case of power failure which makes it especially trustworthy. We pay due attention to our hardware and software reliability and have it tested regularly.



We pay special attention to our Modulo Player servers. We use powerful harware and embedded proven technologies in many areas, such as :

Intel core-i7 processors, powered-optimized to perform calculations. SSD hard drive offers high reading/writing bitrates in RAID or Stripe depending on the configuration.
AMD Firepro graphic adapter for Modulo Player Pro and Modulo Player U. A Windows Embedded Seven 64 bits operating system.


Modulo Player offers 3 types of hardware in order to fit the need of its clients perfectly. We are listening to our clients needs so it is possible to customize – the extent practicable and reasonable – all our version described below by adding a timecode card, live capture card, additionnal storage capacity, etc.


Modulo Player Nano is the perfect choice if you need a very small player for simple use. You can adjust warping and use the embedded show control.


Modulo Player standard version supplies a well-balanced hardware that matches well with permanent installation such as museum exhibition or permanent shows.


Modulo Player Pro version supplies a powerful configuration with additional storage capacity. This hardware is perfect to handle events like corporate events or live. As an option you can add up to 3 dual inputs low latency capture cards.


Modulo Player Ultra version meets the most specific needs : Still uncompressed TGA images sequencies reading, active 3D stereo display.


More in the product specification sheets.

Reference Outputs SSD Processor RAM Graphics Edid Uncompressed/3D Optional
capture card
Nano-1 1 120 GB l5-2 cores 2 x 2 GB Intel
MP-STD-1 1 2 x 128 GB l7-4 cores 2 x 4 GB Firepro W4100
MP-STD-2 2 2 x 128 GB l7-4 cores 2 x 4 GB Firepro W4100
MP-STD-3 3 2 x 128 GB l7-4 cores 2 x 4 GB Firepro W7100
MP-STD-4 4 2 x 128 GB l7-4 cores 2 x 4 GB Firepro W7100
MP-PRO-1 1 60 GB + 2 x 512 GB l7-6 cores 4 x 4 GB Firepro W7100
MP-PRO-2 2 60 GB + 2 x 512 GB l7-6 cores 4 x 4 GB Firepro W7100
MP-PRO-3 3 60 GB + 2 x 512 GB l7-6 cores 4 x 4 GB Firepro W7100
MP-PRO-4 4 60 GB + 2 x 512 GB l7-6 cores 4 x 4 GB Firepro W7100
MP-PRO-5 5 60 GB + 2 x 512 GB l7-6 cores 4 x 4 GB Firepro W9100
MP-PRO-6 6 60 GB + 2 x 512 GB l7-6 cores 4 x 4 GB Firepro W9100
MP-UX-1 1 60GB + 4 x 512 GB l7-6 cores 4 x 4 GB Firepro W7100
MP-UX-2 2 60GB + 4 x 512 GB l7-6 cores 4 x 4 GB Firepro W7100
MP-UX-3 3 60GB + 8 x 512 GB l7-6 cores 4 x 4 GB Firepro W7100
MP-UX-4 4 60GB + 8 x 512 GB 17-6 cores 4 x 4 GB Firepro W7100
SDI-3G-2 Live Card Capture 2 inputs HDSDI-3G
HDMI-4K-2 Live Card Capture 2 inputs HDSDI
TC-PCIE-R Timecode Card Reader Pcie


More in the product specification sheets.

Frame : 19-inch Rack 4U
Dimensions : with handles : 485mm x 176.80mm x 530mm (lxHxP)
19.10″ x 6.96″ x 20.87″
without handles : 427mm x 176.80mm x 480mm (lxHxP)
16.81″ x 6.96″ x 18.90″
Height : ~18Kg / ~40lbs
Packing : 545mm x 285mm x 665mm (lxHxP)
21.46″ x 11.22″ x 26.18″
~20Kg / ~44lbs
PLAYLIST : Infinite number of Playlists and Cues, 10 layers per cue.
Trigger per cue: Go / Wait / Follow / Timecode
SETTINGS PER LAYER : Position, rotation, scale, opacity, color, fade in/out, in/out video, media (movie, still image, sound), loop, transition, drop shadow, border, fx, speed change, advanced colorimetry, crop, progressive mask, clip, animation.
SYNCHRONIZATION : Master/Slave server synchronization. Optional synchronization of the master playlist with LTC1 timecode, internal timecode or MTC1 timecode
OUTPUT TOOLS : Warp grid: keystone or curve, advanced softedge generation, test pattern, advanced color adjustment, still alpha mask per output, advanced X-Map for complex projection mapping.
SHOW CONTROL : Device control powered by automated tasks (Midi1, video projectors, internal control, TCP/IP GPIO1, counter, OSC, Art-Net DMX, matrix switcher, …).
Trigger task launch: manually, from the playlist, from devices (TCP/IP GPIO1, midi1, calendar, chronometer, countdown, counter).
Control your Modulo Player with an easy TCP/IP protocol.
The Modulo Player software starts automatically when the server starts.
INTERACTIVITY : Control parameters of the playlists from DigiMap panel.
SUPPORTED MEDIA2 : Videos H.264 (4.2.0), Mpeg2 (4.2.2), HAP, HAP Q, HAP Alpha
Resolution up to 4K or more depending on codec.
Framerate : 25P, 30P, 50P, 60P.
Multiplexed audio with the H264 and mpeg2 codec.
Uncompressed image sequences3 : TGA, RGBAStill images .png, .jpg, .tiff.

Audio Multi-channel audio files4 (.wav, .aiff).

Acquisition Optional low latency capture card5 HDSDI, DVI, HDMI.

Other text, scrolling text, web pages, counter / countdown / clock

RESOLUTIONS : Up to 2K or WUXGA on each output.
Optional 4K output6.
3D Stereo2 option : Active 120Hz7.
An intuitive interface allows you to configure the application. This control interface is available on PC and Mac.
For permanent installations, this interface is used for configuration only.
The players operate independently once they are configured.
Create your own user panel. Deploy your panel on Mac / PC / Android / iOS!
  • 1 : subject to add an optional card/interface
  • 2 : refer to the document ‘Media Creation’, downloadable from our site at Customer Area
  • 3 : available only on versions MP-UX-1, MP-UX-2, MP-UX-3, MP-UX-4
  • 4 : 7.1 asymmetric audio output by default (mini-jack) for all versions – not available in the Nano-1 version
  • 5 : subject to add an optional card/ interface, available only with versions Pro and Uncompressed
  • 6 : available only on versions MP-STD-4, MP-PRO-4, MP-PRO-5, MP-PRO-6, MP-UX-4
  • 7 : optional DisplayPort to DVI 120Hz adapter

Download product specification sheets :